lush and lovely flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day! On this special day, I wanted to make a little plug for thinking beyond traditional red roses.  Roses are lovely, yes, but there’s so much more out  there.  I personally love gardenias (a fragrant classic), peonies (perky and fun), and ranunculus (so many delicate layers, and just fun to say).  And I love to pair these beauties in a more naturalist way, like shown here.

centerpiece (cropped)

This is a centerpiece I put together. The color scheme was inspired by old English gardens, all deep greens, creamy whites, and rich violets. But the arrangement is made a bit more playful by adding artichoke (yes, artichoke) and actual plums to the hydrangea, gardenia, and ranunculus. I love the combination of rustic and soft, earthy and delicate; it strikes the perfect balance to me.

Of course, this might not work for everyone.  The point is to experiment with different flowers, different textures, different arrangements, and find the blooms that make you happy–not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.

Now go have fun!


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