treasure hunt

This weekend I’m doing two of my favorite things: hitting a barn sale and previewing an estate sale. The barn sale is in Hamilton, VA. I’m super-excited, as the last barn sale I went to resulted in some major finds, like this French dish which I absolutely love, even with the broken handle.  I use it as a centerpiece on our dining table, filling it with pine cones, fruit, or whatever is handy, and think it brings so much character to the room.


I’m also previewing an estate sale. This is somewhat new for me, in that, though I’ve been to lots of estate sales, I’ve never actually had a chance to see items before the general public. In this case, the family is letting me take a look before bringing in a larger shop. This is exciting to me for two reasons. One, it’s great just to have an opportunity to look at an estate before it’s been picked over. Two, I was able to land the preview by speaking up when I saw an opportunity and actually having my business cards handy. As you may know, in addition to writing, I run an Etsy shop and am planning on having a pop-up sometime in the early fall. And though I love working with vintage items, finding inventory is always a major challenge (especially if you’re picky like me).

So wish me luck this weekend.  And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to report back on my finds.

Happy hunting!


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