some chipper unexpected finds

I’m happy to report that this weekend resulted in some unexpected, perfect-for-spring finds, like this cheery Omega 3-speed bike, which I actually need and am completely taken with–


and these lovely English plates–


which I’m also crazy about. I found them at an estate sale in DC, along with a small painted wooden table and petite china cabinet, both of which I’ll probably use in my home office (the office is an upcoming project on my to-do list).

Of course, I had no idea what I was going to find when I got to the house. The bike, especially, was a complete surprise; I found it in the basement near the boiler, partially hidden by an incredibly long, heavy-duty orange extension cord and some plastic bags. And that’s what’s good and bad about vintage — the thrill of discovery is often tempered by the patience you need to keep looking for just the right thing. And sometimes, you don’t even know what just the right thing is until you stumble upon it in a basement.

I also hit a barn sale out in Virginia this weekend, which you can read about in Broadway + Thresher. Between the estate sale and barn sale, I’m wiped out — lots of digging around dusty corners and lugging boxes. But just look at the pay-off!

Happy hunting!


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