let’s hear it for hand-me-downs

Not only do I love vintage decorative items and interiors, I also adore vintage clothing and accessories — especially accessories. And luckily for me, hardly anyone else in my family really appreciates vintage objects, so lots of very special pieces come my way. A recent gift that definitely fits in the very, very special category is a leather purse that my father-in-law made for his mother (who was a real firecracker of a lady) back when he was in high school in the 70’s.  image

My father-in-law made this purse entirely by hand, from cutting and stitching the leather to hand painting the flowers on the front. It is incredibly beautiful to me — not only because of the workmanship, but because of the history — and I was deeply touched when he gave it to me.


Some people wonder why I like used, worn, handed down items so much, and this is one reason why — for the memories, for the stories, for the people they remind us of.

Here’s to hand-me-downs.


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