camellias, caladium, and a brief moment of calm

This weekend we were out in the yard again, weeding, removing old branches, and just thinking some more about how to clean up the space and make it work for us. With so many projects — both inside and out — it can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Despite the general disarray, though, we did find some bright spots out back, like our beautiful little camellia, which treated us to some unexpected hot pink petals.


Camellia blossom in the backyard.

The shrub was peppered with new buds, promising much more beauty to come.


Camellia buds

Inside, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by a caladium that’s been growing like gangbusters and has completely dwarfed an avocado that I’d been trying to grow. Last season, I moved my original caladium into a bigger pot, but left a bit of the soil behind in the process. I then reused the first pot and leftover soil when planting the avocado seed (after weeks of the seed looking like a science project on the kitchen counter). Now I have another beautiful caladium growing alongside the avocado. And they seem to be getting along just fine, especially as avocado plants are rather tall and lanky, and the caladium — with its lovely large ears — more full and showy.


My caladium. The tall, slender avocado sprout in on the left behind the lower leaf. Farther left is a jade tree. On the right, a mango plant.

My plants reminded me that you don’t always have to know the answer to everything right away, and that sometimes surprises can be good — a reassuring thought to keep in mind with so many upcoming projects, so much work, and so many details to consider.



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