yes, please — Old Gringo cowboy boots

So, today I had to share some pics of my new Old Gringo boots — objects of my online affection for the last few months. I’d been looking for some really cool, feminine yet fierce, cowboy boots for awhile (I have a mild obsession with boots) and these babies thoroughly fit the bill.


Old Gringo is known for its beautifully designed, handcrafted boots and ever since I saw my first pair while visiting family in Texas I’ve wanted my own. As you can expect, though, such workmanship comes at a price, and it was  a price a bit out of my range. Of course, I then promptly fell in love with this pair boasting a custom butterfly design for Neiman Marcus (which, being based in Dallas, does carry cowboy boots online and in some of its stores).


Like every good cybershopper, I would “visit” my boots online every now again, just to check in and make sure they were okay. And, it was during one of these visits that I saw my boots — as part of what can only be described as a manic “post-season, spring is here, let’s just get rid of stuff” sale — ridiculously marked down. Fingers flying, I snagged the single pair available, that just happened to be in my size.

Obviously, my boots and I were meant to be together and you better believe that these little puppies will be hitting town and country like nobody’s business.

Happy hunting!


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