if you’re considering. . .a hanging planter

Apparently, I just have plants and gardening on the brain all the time these days. And one of the things I’m really digging now is the hanging wall planter that my mom gave me. It’s great, as it allows me to maximize what I like to call the “magic window” in our kitchen. Because it gets both morning and midday light, basically anything I put in the magic window flourishes. It’s only about 30″ wide, however, and I’ve run out of space on the sill, with lemon, mango, caladium, jade, and strawberry plants all residing there. I still needed a space for herbs, though, which is why I wanted to try a hanging planter.


This one is from West Elm and works really well. With jute pockets and a coated synthetic back, it’s light, which is good, because once you fill it with plants and soil it gets quite heavy. There are drainage holes in the back, however, which — if you plan to use indoors — need some tweaking to protect your walls. I covered the drainage holes with duct tape (a staple in our house), which seems to do the trick. A few small pebbles in the bottom of the pockets provide alternate drainage. After prepping the planter, I just popped in my basil on the top row, mint and dill in the middle row, and rosemary on the bottom. And now we have fresh herbs again! I’m so happy I gave this a try. We only have one magic window and I have to  make the most of it!



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  1. I saw your Apartment Therapy comment… funny, I have one of those bags too! Got it for x-mas but haven’t used it yet. I’m thinking of using it for my salad greens this year 🙂

    Cheers (and best wishes with the tornado watch 🙂

    Kimber … from AT

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