first book: bringing story time to all

Yesterday morning, Mr. M sent me an article about the DC non-profit, First Book. I flagged it to read that afternoon, but of course then became preoccupied by the tragic events in Boston. It wasn’t until much later in the evening that I was able to read about the incredible work of this organization.


Some favorite books in our house.

First Book seeks to close a huge gap among the young by providing access to new books to kids in need. It does this in two ways. One way is through First Book Marketplace, an online site that offers new, high-quality children’s books to community programs and schools serving children in need, at prices 50 to 90% below retail. The other is through First Book National Bank, a  clearinghouse for publishers’ excess inventory that provides publishers an easy and efficient way to donate large numbers of books for free to thousands of programs serving children in greatest need. By making books available to kids that may not otherwise have any, First Book is helping to combat illiteracy, instill a love of learning, and open up new worlds of opportunity.

Reading is such an important part of childhood. And First Book is helping to make sure that all kids get to read — and ultimately make — their own stories.


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