can a dragon maple change your life and other Earth Day musings

I’m happy to report that this weekend was a plant-filled extravaganza. First, my son and I checked on the sunflowers we planted just last week. I’ve never tried growing sunflowers before now, but they are his favorite flower, so we’re giving it a go. They’re in a big flower pot on the back deck. We think the little sprouts look like dancing snakes.


We also took a trip to Merrifield Garden Center in Merrifield, VA to check out some larger plantings for the front of the house. Right now we have two sickly euonymous shrubs and another unhealthy yew, and after a year spent trying to work with and revitalize the suckers, have decided they really just need to go. Originally, Mr. M and I were leaning towards Japanese weeping maple, but then fell hard for the Japanese dragon maple. Both the red and the green are gorgeous!


Inside, we decided to add some cilantro, lavender, and geranium to the mix. I still need to properly pot them, but at least they’re getting some good sun right now in this south-facing window.


All in all a great weekend. (Can you tell I love plants?)

Happy Earth Day!


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