in appreciation of fried dough

This Friday, June 7, is not only the birthday of Prince, Liam Neeson, and Paul Gaugin — it’s National Doughnut Day!

donuts and milk


And, yes, I was just discussing health in my last post, but who can resist the occasional golden circle of sweet fried dough, dipped in milk or coffee? So, if you’re so inclined, head on down to your local Krispy Kreme and enjoy a free doughnut (or “donut,” if you prefer).



Or, whip some up at home. I’m partial to beignets myself, and find the mix from Café Du Monde to be very good. It’s not the same as sitting in the storied French Quarter café, but is a very easy way to enjoy these delicious “French doughnuts” wherever you may be.


And if you want to be completely hardcore on National Doughnut Day, you can make some totally from scratch with any one of these three recipes (for churros, powdered cake doughnuts, or Earl Grey doughnuts) from The New York Times.

Of course, I will have to run off my little indulgence over the weekend. But right now, I’ll just enjoy.



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  1. I have a box of the Cafe Du Monde Beignet Mix in my refrigerator! We honeymooned in the French Quarter and my husband gave me a box of the mix for our last anniversary so we could celebrate with memories and a bit of indulgence. 🙂 Thanks, Nicole!

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