a little reminder …

I woke up this morning underslept and just a little grouchy. My son, who went to bed way past his bed time (despite all our best efforts), of course woke up way to0 early. (I’ll never quite get the inverse sleep thing with kids, but it’s definitely real.) And because I was up late working on assorted projects — home renovation notes, Father’s Day cards, the blog (including my earlier post on Loving Day) — I really could have used the extra hour of sleep. But such is life, I had to remind myself, and why be grumpy when the sun is out, summer is just around the corner, and today will only be here once.

So, just a little reminder to …

make today amazing


Which, of course, can be anything you want it to be — going for a run, playing in the park, making brownies, reading in a nice comfy chair, or dancing like a maniac  in the living room.

Have an amazing day!


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