the moody beauty of Spanish moss

Fans of True Blood and Faulkner alike would easily recognize Spanish moss — those long wisps of flora that gracefully drape trees of all types, but are particularly partial to oak and cypress.



Spanish moss abounds at Savannah’s famous Bonaventure Cemetery


Travel anywhere along the low-lying, coast-hugging southeast United States and you’ll see this quintessential element of the Southern landscape.



At Rosedown Plantation, in St. Francisville, LA


And though neither Spanish nor moss (it’s actually a type of fern), I’m always enthralled when I encounter its magnificent moody beauty.



An aerial view of Spanish moss, taken from the widow’s walk at Georgia’s Jekyll Island Club


To see more iconic images of Spanish moss, you can check out this great article on Evergreen Plantation (site of the film Django Unchained and one of the few intact plantations in the South) in the latest issue of Preservation magazine.



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